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Angela's List

Here is a list of recommendations for my most skilled and trusted colleagues. I've provided some information about what they do as well as resources to contact them!


Jessica Cox Gregory

Massage Therapy

Jessica specializes in a deep tissue approach to bodywork. This is a way to work out all forms of stress stored in your body's soft tissue. Research has shown that the soft tissue areas of the human body is where toxins and waste are stored, and this modality seeks to do away with these toxins and alleviate stress in the process. Massage softens and relaxes injured, exhausted, and overused muscles, quickening recovery time following intense physical workouts.


Phone: (925) 586-9895

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Dr. Stephen Chen

Sports Medicine

Stephen Chen, MD is a board certified Pediatrician and Sports Medicine Doctor . He specializes in the non-operative medical treatment of a wide variety of various musculoskeletal conditions. Dr. Chen currently practices at the Saint Francis Center for Sports Medicine in Walnut Creek and treats both acute and chronic sports injuries as well as concussions. His sports medicine training included the comprehensive care of adults and children and he currently specializes in both.


Phone: (925) 934-3536

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Dr. Alexa Chilian


Liv Chiropractic Center is a wellness center run by Dr. Alexa Chilian, which promotes the healing and overall wellness of the body through upper cervical chiropractic care, with a focus on nervous system functioning. We use diagnostic tools and time-tested chiropractic techniques to identify the root cause of any illness or health challenge and remove the cause – promoting wellness and often eliminating the need for medications or more invasive treatments.


Phone: (925) 237-1535

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Angela Stanford


Angela Stanford is a sought after nutrition and wellness expert focused on preventative and integrated health.  For over 20 years, she has been helping others learn how to eat mindfully and make lifestyle choices that improve how they look and feel while navigating today’s busy, convenience driven world.  She practices personalized nutrition and coaches her clients through roadblocks to achieve their vision of vibrant health and wellness.


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Phone: (925) 265-8086

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Trina Swerdlow


Trina Swerdlow is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, an award-winning artist, a nondenominational Minister, and an accomplished author. She specializes in stress management and weight loss. Trina is a Meditation Teacher with over twenty-five years of personal meditation experience. Additional tools she offers include guided imagery, clinical hypnotherapy, sand play, voice dialogue, assertive communication, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). 


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Phone: (925) 285-5759

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Hamilton PT Team

Physical Therapy

Hamilton Physical Therapy specializes in general orthopedics and patients with complex pain syndromes. They provide focused care with an emphasis on manual treatment and personalized exercise programs. Movement evaluation, gait analysis, postural training and strengthening, work ergonomics, and home management are all part of their rehabilitation program designed to return patients to their maximum level of functioning.


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Phone: (925) 838-9846

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