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This kit is great for protecting your body and healing faster from cold and flu! The kit contains 4 great products that work powerfully in combination.

  1. ImmunoBerry Liquid/ Immunitone Plus: This product is great for supporting your immune system! It is designed specifically for cold and flu season as it supports your body’s natural defense cells to fight sickness. We recommend the ImmunoBerry liquid for those with kids
  2. Silvercillin Spray: This is a highly effective antimicrobial spray that can kill pathogens while leaving your body’s good bacteria unharmed. This non-toxic, immune support spray is a great barrier against germs.

  3. Neti Stik: The Neti Stik is popular year-round and is perfect for stuffy noses. It contains a great bend of essential oils that can help clear congestion and relieve nasal irritation. Ingredients include peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender oils.

  4. Cold Snap: This product is right in its name! Cold Snap helps activate and support your immune system for the initial stages of cold and flu.

Cold and Flu Kit

  • The cold and flu kit is a great protection for any time in the year!

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