What is Affordable Acupuncture?

Affordable Acupuncture is a way to enjoy the benefits of acupuncture in a quiet group setting

Our mission is to provide quality treatment at an affordable price. We want to provide a service that is accessible to all and improves the health of the community.

Pricing - $30

Treatments are at a flat rate of $30 for a personalized acupuncture service. There is a $20 paperwork fee added on for initial visits. To keep these treatments affordable, cash are the only payment accepted. This also means we do not accept insurance for these treatments.

What to Expect

Group settings are calm and quiet with no more than three people to a room.


Appointments typically last 60 minutes and you will able to relax in a reclining chair.

What Not to Expect

We do not perform acupuncture on the back

-We will use points that are easily accessible on the arms, lower legs, ears and head.

We do not provide an in-depth consultation 

-We will discuss briefly the best treatment course for you, but we will not have lengthy conversations.

We do not use massage tables

-We provide comfortable reclining chairs.

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